Never to young for movember

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never to young fore movember

never to young for movember

My cousin is always so hyper and thought it would be cool to have a mustache.


4 from the weekend

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four shots from the weekend

four shots from the weekend

Just four recent shots.


My best day at Whistler

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    December 29th, I find myself falling asleep on the floor of my friend’s basement on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. On any other night a cold hard basement floor would not make for the best of beds, however this was the night before the journey to Whistler. Early the next morning I would get up cram into the small truck with 5 other friends and begin the journey to Whistler. After a short drive and a quick ferry ride I found myself driving down the Sea to Sky highway. This highway is arguably the most rewarding stretch of highway in the world to drive down.

    After a two hour long game of human tetris in the back seat my friends announced that they needed to move as the blood had left their legs completely. Their first steps were painful to watch, as the blood rushed back into their legs they danced around and made strange noises. Mistakenly I thought they were dancing for joy, as they were now standing in snow, however later that night I realized it was the pain of blood reaching the lower halves of their bodies. One more successful game of human tetris and my three friends were once again crammed into the back “seat” of the pickup truck. We were off.

    As we approached Whistler I couldn’t help but feel like a little kid the night before Christmas. The thought that over the next four days I would be shredding amazing powder with some great friends was enough to keep me awake for the drive. It didn’t take much longer to reach the hotel we had booked and check in. The rooms at the hotel were great; they were clean and well stocked.

    That night we all went out for food and found ourselves at Earls. The service was excellent right from the minute we stepped in the door and the food was masterfully cooked. After dinner we all walked around the village until we ended up back at the hotel, where I had a long nights sleep.

    A day of snowboarding motivates me to wake up early more than anything else in life, I found myself standing on the balcony in three feet of snow fully geared up and ready to shred at 6 AM. Being generous I let my friends sleep in for another hour before waking them up with a loud “get your boots on”. Needles to say the snowboarding was as good as it gets and after a long day we headed back to the hotel to change and get ready a good old Whistler new years!

    Packed into the village streets with the rest of Whistlers tourists and residents I watched some truly brilliant fireworks put on by Whistler while eating one of the best hotdogs around. December 31st was my best day at Whistler; it had all the key ingredients to a perfect day. Waking up to the sun lighting up my snow covered balcony, spending the day riding with amazing friends, many stops at the great whistler village shops, some of the best food around and to cap it all off was an amazing fireworks display.


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Went down to the beach the other day for a walk

I got bored

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ostrichgiraffe copy
I got bored and did this quick two minute shop. It’s horrible and pointless but why not put it up.

Coastal Sale

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Coastal Riders is going to be having a BIG sale check it out.


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nose grind with some color

nose grind with some color

This was taken the other night at the res.