I was over at a friends the other day and snapped a couple pictures of this puppy named Lily.


~ by ghphoto on May 26, 2009.

8 Responses to “Lily”

  1. Pure fuzz. I could bury my face in that adorable dog. Thanks for your help on my site.

    Your schedule is amazing.

  2. Nice shot looks like a a real cutie there, don’t wear yourself out on those blogs !!

  3. I like that doag, and the toning of the shot puts it all together.

    Like your header photos too, were they staged?

    • Thanks. The header photos are not staged. I’m a skateboard photojournalist and spend the majority of my photography time shooting skateboarding. That is a local skater actually doing tricks. It looks a little odd because the photo of him falling is from a different view than the other two. I was shooting him doing tricks under a overhead light and backlight to get the silhouette shots. I loved how he looked falling in one so I added it to the other two 😛

    • I’ve linked you to my other blog. Feel free to link me back!

  4. Hello. Thank you for visiting my blog. Your photos are really great and can’t wait to see your new site.
    from orange: and my flickr:

  5. I’d definitely be interested in seeing larger versions of your header shots.

    • I’ve got a whole series of those shots. The problem is that they are on a hard drive that became corrupted so I need to bring it in and get them rescued. I don’t plan on giving those shots away tho. I’m only giving away the shots that I put on my stock photo website.

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