What fuels you?

Fossil fuels will inevitably run out. Every day we get closer to the day we will run out of them and yet we put very little of our resources towards finding alternative solutions to fossil fuels. The blame is all of mankind’s, we as a group are self destructive and parasitic. Science and simple math have shown us that if  the masses continue to live as we currently do, we will have no earth left in a very short period of time. Adaptation is a necessity of life on and off of Earth, yet mankind, knowing that we need to adapt has shown no signs of accepting adaptation.

Power and luxury seem to be what we strive to obtain. Greed is our strongest attribute and is dooming us to certain extinction. Personally I haven’t altered my lifestyle greatly to try to offset the damage done to Earth by us. I haven’t driven a car in a long time, I use public transit or bike and I try to consume as little power as possible. These small changes wont make any long term difference to our environment. Will to change is a rare trait among humans, as we have become accustom to raping the Earth and the little will to change we have is nowhere near enough to make any difference in the long term.

Large companies trade and buy carbon emissions. All this accomplishes is a ease of sleep for executives who have been publicly criticized for neglecting Earth. Scientists spend lifetimes attempting to figure out ways to cut back on the impact made by mankind on Earth, when a young child is capable of understanding what our true problem is and how to fix it.

Drastic change is the only way we can continue on as a race. Religions for the most part are against the idea of evolution. Personally I have grown up attending Church and Christian school, yet I still believe that evolution is possible. Many of Earth’s creatures evolve to survive in different climates. Yet mankind refuses to do so. We use reason and science to avoid extinction.

Astronomers have scoured the skies for generation upon generation in search of other life or even a planet capable of hosting life. Over the years very little life has been found, and no planets have been found that are capable of sustaining human life. Earth is an amazing gift and we need to treasure it.

Mankind needs to evolve. Evolution is the processes of fast drastic changes being made to an organism. If we were to let go of our luxuries we would be able to greatly extend the span of the human race. This could be our last chance to do so.


~ by ghphoto on May 16, 2009.

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