Thats a lot of songs..for a band that's never been heard

That's a lot of songs..for a band that's never been heard

I’ve grown up to understand that books are man’s most important possessions. With eight years of guitar under my belt and headphones on almost 24/7, albums became my books. Great works of fiction and history, vibrate brilliantly through my ears. Hopefully the sounds created by the future band, that I will play guitar in, will be cacophony at least.

Recently I started on a new book, actually it’s more of an instruction manual on how to create and tell GREAT story. Story is what this earth lives for. Thousands of years ago mankind went to great lengths to tell story using hieroglyphics, song, and dance. Two out of Three of those ancient forms of story can still be found everywhere man is present. Hieroglyphics in their purest form cease to tell stories for the masses, however they have evolved into motion picture, photography and the art of writing.

My current life is focused solely on the art of story. Using music, photography, cinematography and writing I attempt to touch others with my story.

Whats your story?


~ by ghphoto on April 24, 2009.

One Response to “Story”

  1. jason castro just asked his fans this past weekend “what’s your story”. twice in one week… guess i better work on that “story”!! your story is very nice and i bet your music is beautiful. i look forward to hearing it one day.

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