Rainy Day + Skate = Storage room skate

Backside Heel

Backside Heel

    Yesterday I awoke to the sound of rain. This is the sound that I fear more than gunshots on my block. After sitting around for most of the day, I called up a friend to come skate the underground storage room, where I live. The lighting was horrible for shooting, but after a short search of the storage room we found an industrial grade light and an extension cord. It didn’t take long before I was shooting Ryan in the ‘cave’. After getting some decent shots, we went and skated a dark underground parking lot. The light was only good for silhouettes, so after getting a dozen or so photos I put away my camera and skated for a while. After a couple games of PIG we decided to go back to the ‘cave’. It took about five minutes for Ryan to land a Double Kickflip on the light. With no light, 500 photos and a few scrapes and bruises we called it a day. Next time I’ll bring my flash.


~ by ghphoto on April 1, 2009.

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  1. classy

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