TheRateMyDate // New date story website

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Recently I built a website where anyone can anonymously write, read and rate dating stories. So far some of the stories are pretty entertaining. Give it a try and share if you enjoy it.


More Stunting

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Another photo I snapped while shooting a few weeks ago. This is a high-top circle wheelie.


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I shot this a couple of weeks ago, a couple local riders.

Looking Back

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The Accesory

Main man from The Accesory

Fall. Back to university, cold nights, “cool” sunsets and a major lack or partying. Currently I’m sitting in my university library,¬†procrastinating. Tonight I have a Microeconomics class, which I have a true passion for…. That is, loathing passion. The prof has very radical beliefs and teaches in an almost impossible to understand accent. He often changes from text book examples to made up examples half way through a lecture and sometimes even confuses important definitions and concepts. On the bright side I can look forward to going home after twelve hours at school today and knowing that I have no classes until late tomorrow night. If anyone has actually read this far, you might be wondering how this ties into the above photograph. The photograph gives me a feeling that summer is just a hop and a skip away. Looking into the distance along with the character in the photograph I can’t help but reminisce of the fleeting summer.

Cheers, G

Abstract // Sorry for the lack of posts

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This is a random photo I put together today. I’m injured with a fractured elbow from snowboarding back country last Saturday so I’m off work and getting bored. On the bright side being bored seems to lead me to shoot things that I would never think off¬†normally.

Now wireless

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I recently took a trip to LA and the berrics with some friends. Here’s a picture from LA.<div class="wp-caption alignnone" style="width: 250px"Dave Jonsson - switch heel

Dave Jonsson – switch heel

S-Trip Big White Party

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DJ Flip Out

DJ Flip Out

I’m up in Kelowna on weekends right now working and it’s probably the funnest job around. Here’s a photo I took at work. If you want to see more from the set check them out on my facebook page.